Preparing for Mexico

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Preparing for Mexico

Hello All!

My name is McCarley Thomas, and I am the summer youth intern for Granny White Church of Christ. A bit for those of you who know nothing about me: I just graduated from Lipscomb University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Teaching and a Minor in Spanish. My passions include, but are not excluded to: reading, writing, mission work, teenagers, and helping others discover passions of their own.

For the next week, you will be hearing from me as I update you on the work being done in the City of Children by an awesome group of kiddos and adults-that I assume you are connected to in one way or another if you are reading this.

Early Saturday morning we will make our way to the airport. We will board a plane for San Diego and eventually make our way across the Mexican border. We will arrive in the city and be greeted by the smiling faces of the children we will grow close to in a short week’s time. I would say that in this moment when we arrive in the city, God will begin His work, but that would simply not be true.

God’s work through this trip began long before the moment of arrival. His work began when high school students took a step in faith to leave the country to serve. His work began when many of you chose to help fund the people going on this trip. His work began through donations, well-wishes, and prayers that have been pushing through the doors of the church over the past few months.

God’s work has already begun. While in Mexico, we have the incredible opportunity to watch it continue.

Today I come to you asking for one thing. I ask that you join us in prayer. I ask that you pray that we have open hearts and joyful spirits through all circumstances this week. I ask that you pray that we give all that we have and finish every day on empty. And I ask that you pray that we embrace all opportunities to step into the Kingdom of God along with our brothers and sisters in Mexico.

I look forward to keeping you updated over the next few days!

You will quickly learn as I write, I like to finish with a list of things I am thankful for.

Today, as I sit in the church office with six other people from our team, I find myself thankful for excitement and opportunity. As a whole, we are thankful for the smiles that will greet us in the city, our church community in another country, and growing closer to one another as together we experience the Holy Spirit.




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