Packing List

Packing List

Packing List

____bible (the real life paper kind) & pen

____flashlight or head lamp

____camp chair (new for 2016, no chair = sit on floor)

____refillable water bottle


____sleeping bag or blanket


____sheets (twin)

Clothes - Dress Code

____jacket for cool mornings and nights

____enough clothing for multiple changes (there are no washing machines available)

____Swim Wear (modest one piece for girls and trunks for guys)

____socks & undies

____rain jacket

____garbage bag to carry your wet things home in

____Theme Night outfits


____”get wet" shoes

____tennis shoes (must wear closed toe shoes to ride horses)

____shower sandals



____wash cloths or loofa

____shower necessities

____personal hygiene items

____insect repellant (for mosquitos and ticks) & sunscreen

Special Items

___If you insist on bringing your electronics, they are not allowed outside of cabins and no one else will be responsible for damage

___If you bring your own fan, it must be battery operated

___Do not bring any decor that needs to be plugged in  

___Most campers prefer to pack in a rubbermaid tote or drawers rather than a suite case

___If you would like to bring your own inner tube or float for the lake you are welcome to, but please remember that you alone are responsible for loss or damage.