Day 5: Scissor Lifts and Home Curtains

Day 5: Scissor Lifts and Home Curtains

Hola todos!

5 days gone already. It really doesn’t seem possible. Today I am going to tell you about the work project we have been doing during this week. Normally this trip has some sort of building project out in the city. This year we have been working on an inside project within the city.

Inside the city there is a large gymnasium where the kids have church. It is where we have been holding all of our activities with them. The room is all concrete, so you can imagine how loud it can quickly become in there. Last year, the team put up sound boards on the wall in blue and green to begin the process of lessening the echo whenever someone speaks. Our project this week has been hanging heavy pieces of fabric to continue that process. They are all red, yellow, and orange, so not only has it helped with the sound but it has also added a lot of color to the gym.

We had some extra material left over, so we have also been working on making new curtains for the gym as well as curtains for the middle age boys! Today has left me so thankful I took a sewing class my senior year of high school.

It has been a joy to watch our team at work. The inside project we had planned can only use a few people at a time. It leaves about 8 people who could be standing around doing nothing. But that is never the case. Today the boys went and found one of the men in the city and asked what they could do. They wound up digging dead trees straight out of the ground and hauling them off. This team never stops looking for ways to serve the people here and one another, and I am so grateful to be able to witness it.

Today was similar to all of the other days. We had a group working benevolence, a group on the work project, and a group in the kitchen. The difference was that it was our last day of class with the kids.

Having been with the same group of girls all week, tonight was tough. I have learned from them and with them. We have laughed together, and talked seriously about our walks with God. It was so difficult to end our last class together, and I know everyone else felt it in their classes too.

Tomorrow, we are heading into the city. We get to experience down town Ensenada for a few hours. Then we will return to be with the kids for our last afternoon. We are putting on a genuine soccer tournament for them! They have no idea it is coming, and I know they will be so excited!

Please continue to pray for our team that we might give everything that we have to give in our last few days with these amazing people. It seems that every minute we grow closer not only to God but also to one another and that is something we will continue to cherish!



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