Day 3: A sunrise and Philippians

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Day 3: A sunrise and Philippians

Hola otra vez!

I’m coming to you tonight tired and sore from the end of day three! What a beautiful day it has been.

This morning began promptly at 5:30. Yes, you read that correctly. Our girl’s dorm decided to get up and watch the sunrise this morning. To those of you who know your daughters well, I assure you, every single one of us got up! Unfortunately, it was cloudy, but it was still a beautiful morning. There is quite literally nothing better than the crisp, quiet stillness of God telling the earth good morning. You will be glad, and not at all surprised, to know that we all passed back out for an hour and a half before breakfast.

Today we had our first group go out to do benevolence for the church community. I was not with that group, and I want to do it justice. So I will save stories about that for tomorrow when our group goes out.

My pod spent the day in the kitchen. We cooked all of the meals and prepped for others. While it was a tiring day for sure, it was great to dance around the kitchen to funny music and have the chance to serve everyone else on our own team for a change.

Today I want to talk to you a bit about the classes our team has been leading the kids through here. Our theme is Philippians 2, and we are taking the kids through disciplines of reading, prayer, underlining, journaling, and expressing ourselves through creativity. Each class has one specific piece to work on, and then they rotate from one day to the next.

Luke and EB have the prayer class. They spend time talking with the boys and girls talking about 5 specific words: encouragement, joy, love, sympathy, and humility. They make bracelets with the kids. Each bracelet has 5 beads, and each bead represents a different word. The guys talk to the kids about how those words are all things they can pray for and think through as they talk to God in prayer. Once the kids make the bracelets, the boys turn the lights off in the room and turn on a star machine. They then pray with the kids through the words they have just placed on their bracelets.

Audrey Beth and Anna have the creativity class. First, they talk with the kids about the things discussed in the VBS lesson before class. Then, they take the kids out to the sidewalk and spend time drawing with chalk. The kids have drawn pictures, verses, names, and prayers all to depict the way the verses we have talked about make them feel.

Butler and Casey have the journaling class. They work with the kids on how to ask the right questions while reading the scriptures and then write them down as they go.

Grant and Austin run the discussion class. They talk with the kids about how to discuss the scriptures and have good conversations with your friends as you talk about God’s word.

Finally, I have the high school girls. They are with me all week rather than rotating, so each night we spend some time focusing on the different aspects of reading God’s word that the other kids are already working through.

It has been a joy already to get to know these kids in a more serious setting through the classes. It gives us a glimpse into their hearts that we don’t always get to see as we stay out late playing soccer and 9 square.

Tonight during our nightly debrief and singing, we spent some time passing around Bibles for the mommas and papas in the city. Each one of us underlined our favorite verse in the bibles and signed our name. We are having a breakfast for them later in the week, and we are going to give them the bibles with all of the verses marked!

This is that odd point in the trip where it feels like we have been here for weeks but at the same time it is all moving so quickly. Tonight, along with discussing how to finish on empty every day, we talked as a group about how to cherish every moment. Each laugh, each joy, each moment of contentment is God smiling down telling us He is proud.

I look forward to more of these wonderful moments as we continue to serve.

Tonight I am thankful for homemade mac and cheese, goofy nicknames, Moses, and prayer.

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone, and thank you to those who have served.



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