Conduct & Expectations

Conduct & Expectations:

In order for Camp to be fun for everyone and to assure that Camp will have an atmosphere that is Christ-like, certain guidelines must be followed. Each camper should read the following with his or her parent/guardian. Please carefully read each item in the list. 

  • Dress Code:
    • Girls can wear one piece swim suits
    • Guys can wear swim trunks
    • Shirts can cover undergarments and sides
    • Shorts should be modest
    • Leggings may be worn with a long shirt
  • The use of tobacco, alcohol, or unapproved medications or drugs of any type will not be allowed by campers or staff while at camp. 
  • Electronics are not allowed out of cabins. If you bring something, lose, and or break it, only you are responsible.
  • Campers may not bring fireworks, matches, firearms, water balloons, or knives. 
  • Campers are not permitted out of cabins after lights out. 
  • No purposeful damage of camp property will be allowed. Violators will be responsible for the cost of replacement or repair. 
  • Camp directors and staff have the right to search campers' or counselors' belongings at any time with our without the owner's presence should they be suspected of possessing any of the above prohibited items. 
  • No cabin raiding will be allowed. Raiding is defined as entering another person's cabin without his or her permission and damaging, destroying, or rendering unusable a person's belonging or bunk. 
  • Punishment resulting from lack of compliance with the above guidelines will be determined fairly on a case-by-case bases.